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Cliterate model
Cliterate model
The Cliterate Model Cover



Cliterate. Pull-apart the layers and start the conversation

Cliterate model
Cliterate model
Cliterate Model
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Cliterate aims to transform genital education, overcome the 'awkward' and create a space for comfortable conversations about our own bodies and the bodies of others.

Introducing Cliterate, an interactive anatomical model created to empower people to understand their own anatomy and the anatomy of others. 

Cliterate's spherical, pull-apart design accurately explains the relationship between the clitoris, vulva and pelvis. 

We created Cliterate and supporting educational resources to encourage respectful conversations between health practitioners, educators, clients and students.  

Cliterate is for everyone. We stand for accurate education, more conversations and overcoming the awkward.

Cliterate is now available to order!

Why Cliterate?


People of all ages, genders, sexualities and cultures will learn something from Cliterate. Our extensive resource enables learning about basic anatomy right through to references to medical research papers. Choose your own adventure!

Cliterate Model

Interactive Learning

Cliterate is unique and approachable. This enables more engaging learning in clinical settings and classrooms.

Cliterate Model

Overcoming the 'awkward'

Respectful conversations are much easier when we have the right tools and supporting information. We’ll help you start the important conversation about vulva anatomy and overcome the awkward.

Cliterate Model

Learning for all brains

Brains can be wired differently and for some people, 2D information is unrelatable and confusing. This 3D model is designed to consider multiple learning needs.

Cliterate Model
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