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Scroll down the page to discover the different layers of the Cliterate model. Click on the labels to reveal further information about each anatomical element.


The Model uncovered

Further cliterature

  • Erectile tissue is present in body, crura and bulbs of the clitoris but not in the glans. 

    The body of the clitoris is surrounded  by ligaments. When engorged with blood, the clitoris body and glans do not lift up like a penis. ​

  • The clitoris is sent message from the nerves  (either psychogenic or reflex), stimulating increase blood flow causing the clitoris to expand (a bit like a balloon).  ​

    Psychogenic erections: Erections that are directed from the brain, i.e. you see, smell, hear something that stimulates a sexual response​.

    Reflex arc erections: Erections that happen when you are touched in the genital area. The response is not under volunteer control and is not linked to consent or enjoyment. (Sexual non-concordance).​

  • Did you know? During sexual arousal there is an increase in blood flow and this increased pressure is thought to course seepage of moisture (lubrication) within the walls of the vagina. (Note lubrication does not equal consent, it’s the body automatic reaction to being touched). ​

  • Did you know? Individuals have different length urethras – Urinating after intercourse helps prevents urinary tract infections.

  • Did you know? In people assigned female at birth, the pelvic bone is generally wider and shallower as an adaption for childbirth.

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