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SKU: CLIT00001



Anatomically correct and carefully designed for all learners, Cliterate explains the relationship between the clitoris, labia, vagina and pelvis. By pulling apart each layer, people of all genders, sexualities, cultures and abilities can learn vulva anatomy and feel more comfortable using this language every day.


Cliterate is a powerful resource for healthcare professionals and educators to explain a range of topics to patients, clients and students. It cleverly replaces the need for hand drawings and references to complicate 2D images. 


Designed to sit on your desk, a shelf in your office or in the classroom. Pop it in the carry bag and take it with you when you are out and about. 


Having these conversations and using the correct anatomical language really matters. Cliterate helps to overcome the awkward and encourages people to understand and care for their bodies.

  • Weighing 650g, Cliterate is light and easily transported wherever your job takes you.


    Made from a combination of moulded plastic and silicone, it is durable and will withstand many hours of clinical or classroom interactions. 


    Simply wipe clean using disinfectant or warm soapy water.

What's inside the box?

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