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We are proud to share that Cliterate is out and about in the world! We have now fulfilled orders to various practitioners in the US, UK, Poland, Canada, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Ireland, Greece, Türkiye, South Korea, Mexico and Spain. 

Meanwhile, in Australia, we have shipped orders to a variety of practitioners including major hospitals, medical clinics, secondary schools, sexologists, sex therapists, sex educators, women's health clinics, general practitioners.


The feedback has been fantastic – and we'd like to share what people are saying:

Thank you for the incredible support both in Australia and overseas. We truly hope Cliterate will enable education for all bodies and all learning needs.


Hands on learning is effective and has so many benefits, especially for for people with disabilities or culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Vanessa Hamilton

Sexuality Educator, Australia

Every gynaecologist, pelvic floor PT, sex educator and sex therapist must have one of these!

Dr Lori Brotto

Psychologist & Author, Canada

Check this OUT! You need one of these new models in your sex therapy, pelvic floor, medical clinic!

Dr Karen Gurney

Clinical Psychologist & Author, UK

Sex coach dream come true!

Marie Morice

Sex Coach, UK

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