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Cliterate model team

Our Story

Cliterate Anita Brown-Major
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Anita Brown-Major


OT & Founder

Anita Brown-Major is an Occupational Therapist who is passionate about the recognition of all people as sexual beings. Anita has worked for over 25 years in neurological rehabilitation and founded Thrive rehab in 2016. She has completed extensive research into the importance sexuality - not just sex, but relationships, intimacy and self-esteem - for people living with different abilities and bodies, ensuring a focus on quality of life. She is a respected presenter, advocate and an engaging storyteller. Cliterate is Anita’s passion project and the journey from inception to launch demonstrates her commitment to empowering all people.

Cliterate Lucy MacDonald
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Lucy MacDonald


Consulting Sexologist
& Occupational Therapist

Lucy is passionate about breaking down stigmas and supporting individuals to express who they are as sexual beings. Combining her occupational therapy and psychosexual therapy skills, she supports her clients with sexuality-based development, including sexual activity in the disability space and people post-disease or living with functional decline. Lucy has provided accessible sex education for individuals requiring a more unique or tailored approach. Her empathy and communication skills have been invaluable in developing resources to support Cliterate in the health and education sectors.

Cliterate Fi MacRae
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Fi MacRae


Consumer Advocate & Community Liaison

Fi is a Content Creator and Consumer Advocate living with severe, chronic pain and Endometriosis. She has a passion for sexual health, intimacy, and disability. Fi thrives on creating a space for others to share their lived experience, educate each other and challenge societal norms. She is founder and host of the online community and web-series ‘Private Parts’, documenting lives of those living with invisible chronic conditions. Fi creates contemporary and engaging content and her warmth makes her a magnet for fantastic humans. She brings incredible empathy, curiosity, creativity and fun to the Cliterate team.

Cliterate Jane Molphy
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Jane Molphy


Marketing & Operations

With an extensive background in branding, product management and general business operation, Jane loves creating plans to bring great ideas to life. Supporting the passion projects of great humans is the stuff of her dreams. The Cliterate environment provides ample fodder for her love of community, creative challenges and curating interesting research and content. Within the Cliterate team, Jane enjoys the opportunity for continuous learning, creative project management and developing resources to encourage more open conversations.   

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Charlie Richardson


Design Team

Charlie is an accomplished industrial designer with a passion for hands-on innovation. Their expertise in product design, coupled with proficiency in cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing and CAD, allows them to transform ideas into tangible realities. Charlie excels in human-centered design and creative direction, prioritising genuine people's experience in their projects. Beyond their professional accolades, Charlie is deeply committed to community building. Actively involved in Melbourne's vibrant queer music and arts scene, you'll often find them immersed in local gigs and events.

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Cara Jordan-Miller


Design Team

Cara is a human-centered product designer and a believer that design should only be used to make beautiful things that make people’s live’s easier. With a passion for projects that explore pleasure, intimacy and body positivity, she works across physical and digital product design projects. She’s currently realising her dream as part of the Cliterate design team - using design to support the education of sexual health wellbeing.

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Brad Welsh


Graphic Design

Brad has been a designer for over 25 years working with various clients to help create connection and resonance between the services and products they offer and the people they serve. Becoming a part of the Cliterate Team has been both rewarding and a privilege – to be part of a movement that aims to bring knowledge and more comfortable conversations and learning.

Our Team

Why Cliterate?

The idea for Cliterate sparked from a clear absence of resources to support body, sex and intimacy education within the disability population. The existing diagrams and models in the education sector are inaccurate and unrelatable to many people. We know our brains can be wired differently so we need helpful resources that consider multiple learning needs. The resources should be accurate and based on the latest available research.


And let’s not forget the big “awkward”. The daily use of anatomical language is not a comfortable space for most people, including health professionals and educators. We tend to use slang and fall into humour despite the importance of being empowered with knowledge about our body. Our aim is to help everyone overcome the awkward and to talk about this area…and talk a lot!

Cliterate model development

The Design Process

Access to accurate information about the vulva and clitoris was surprisingly challenging. We are incredibly grateful to pioneering Urologist, Dr. Helen O’Connell and her colleagues at the University of Melbourne for their support in answering our questions and offering insights from their many years of ground-breaking research. We are very grateful to the International Cliterati for their input and passion to interpret the available medical research. This global group continues its mission to increase knowledge and understanding about vulva anatomy.

Our respect and gratitude to Dr. Judith Glover and her talented team from RMIT’s Industrial Design Program, namely Charlie Richardson and Cara Jordan-Miller. The skill and commitment to translating medical research and anatomical images into a 3D model is truly astonishing. Lastly, a huge thank you to Pete Hvala from X-Product who meticulously translated the design files into production-ready format.

We are so excited about Cliterate and the conversations it will enable for everyone. Our hope is that Cliterate and our education resources will support your work in teaching others about the vulva and in the process, create a more Cliterate community. 

Cliterate timeline
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